Top 5 Tricks To Maximize Space In Small Houses

  1. Bright and White living room

Top 5 Tricks To Maximize Space In Small Houses

Just because your house is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t live large. It is very simple to maximise the space in your home with only a few tweaks in design, organisation and placing furniture and items in more innovative ways. 

Let us tell you our top 5 tricks you can do right now to enhance your home, whilst making the most of your already available resources and space. 

Tip 1. Space-saving storage

We know this might seem an obvious thing to consider, but are you making the most out of your storage rooms/spaces? Having unnecessary items and belongings around the house, such as too much furniture, too many decorations (pillows seem to be one of the favourite things that can cluster a living room), shoes everywhere, and so on. 

Have a proper scan around your house, and get organising and tidying up! You will feel in a completely different way after you will be able to see the corners of your room and couch again. 

Tip 2. Electronics charging station 

Especially now, as most of us returned to working from home, having so many digital devices around us can get pretty hectic. So here’s a good idea – keep your digital gear near, but with a concealed charging station. You could just use a drawer and divide it into an entryway and a pullout desk at the end of your work station. That way, your floor will look tidier and more organised. 

Tip 3. Fold-out dining table 

You want to offer your guests a holistic experience: warm place, excellent design and good food, right? But…you lack space for a big dining table. The solution is using a table that seamlessly swivels under the counter. Having a multi-purpose table will be the key whenever you need seating for friends and family, or just some extra counter space to chop your vegetables. 

Tip 4. Paint the rooms in white 

Old school tip, but it will surely do the job! By painting your home walls in white, it will make rooms look and feel more spacious. This is because non-hue colours attract light, which makes the illusion that your home is bright, making it a more inviting space. 

Tip 5. Choose the right windows 

It’s true! Windows are the perfect solution to making space appear larger, cosier and brighter. However, the way you decide to cover them can also drastically change the whole appearance of your home. 

  • Switch from horizontally-focused windows to vertical ones – this will enhance the ceiling clearance 
  • Invite more natural light in by keeping your blinds open, or simply replace your current windows with bigger ones
  • Freshen up the architecture and design – get creative and enhance your windows with new details to improve their visuals 

We have a step-by-step guide that can show you how to choose windows for your home for some extra support. 

If you want advice on what style of windows you’d like to have in your home, contact us today, and our friendly Leicester team will make sure to answer all your questions. We can inspect any damaged windows as well, and find the best solution for you, whether that be replacement glass or new window installation. Our expert team can come to your home to provide a quote for new windows, or window repairs as needed. 

Posted: November 25, 2020