• how windows and doors affect home value

    The Impact of Windows and Doors on Home Valuation

    Home valuation is a critical process that determines the market value of a residential property. This valuation is essential for various reasons, including buying and selling, refinancing, and property tax assessments. A home’s value is typically assessed by professional appraisers who consider numerous factors to provide an accurate estimate. Understanding how these factors contribute to […]

  • Window Design Over the Decades

    Evolution of Window Design Over the Decades

    Windowor indoStepping into the architectural journey of window design unveils a rich tapestry of innovation and style. It reflects centuries of cultural shifts and technological advancements. As we delve into “The Evolution of Window Design Over the Decades,” we uncover how windows’ aesthetic and functional essence have transformed.  It is shaping how we live and […]

  • beat winter with upvc window insulation

    Beat the Winter Blues: UPVC Window Insulation

    In the face of escalating energy costs, the efficiency of our homes has never been more crucial. As winter approaches, maintaining a warm, energy-efficient living space becomes a top priority for homeowners. At Leicester Window Supplies, we understand the vital role that UPVC doors and windows play in this endeavour. Our extensive range of products, […]

  • The Advantages of UPVC Windows for Modern Living

    In today’s fast-paced world, homeowners constantly seek innovative solutions combining style and functionality. Enter UPVC windows, the modern choice for discerning individuals seeking to elevate their living spaces. UPVC, or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, is not just another buzzword in the construction industry. It represents a transformative shift in how we view window installations, bringing many […]

  • An Overview of Smart’s Aluminium Signature Doors

    Smart’s Aluminium Signature Doors represent the culmination of innovation, design, and quality. Smart’s Signature Doors, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offer homeowners a blend of elegance and functionality, but are they right for you? Here, we provide an overview of Smart’s designer front doors. We explore door designs and their key features and benefits, […]

  • Glass Verandas UK

    The Rise of Glass Verandas in the UK

    Glass verandas in the UK are sleek and modern architectural additions, steadily transforming the face of British homes. Traditionally, glass verandas and outdoor spaces have held a unique charm in UK architecture, serving as spots of relaxation, conversation, and connection with the natural world. Yet, the idea of marrying these beloved outdoor extensions with glass […]

  • Buy uPVC Windows

    Why Buy uPVC Windows: A Smart Investment

    If you have a home or office and are considering whether to buy uPVC windows, you are probably contemplating whether they make a wise home investment. You want to make a sound purchasing decision that improves your house’s aesthetics and makes sound financial and environmental sense. So, are uPVC windows suitable for your home and […]

  • Benefits of a conservatory

    Benefits of Owning a Conservatory

    A conservatory is a room made primarily of glass, designed to allow natural light to come in and provide a view of the surrounding outdoor area. This post will cover the benefits of having a conservatory in your home. Not only will it add value to your home, but it also adds more living space, […]

  • uPVC Windows Security

    uPVC Windows Security: Are Your Windows Safe?

    uPVC windows have become increasingly popular in modern homes due to their numerous advantages over traditional window materials. One of the top things about these is that uPVC windows security is among the best in the market. Modern uPVC windows are best known for their energy efficiency, durability, and low-maintenance requirements, making them a cost-effective […]

  • Top 2023 window trends

    2023 Window Trends

    In the ever-evolving realm of home design, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends to ensure your home remains both stylish and functional. Our comprehensive 2023 window trends guide is meticulously crafted to provide you with all the essential information you need for the upcoming year. Are you keen to discover the cutting-edge […]

  • Replacement Window Myths

    Replacement Window Myths

    Replacing windows can have many benefits for your home, but there are a lot of misconceptions about the subject. In our guide to replacement window myths, we clarify these misunderstandings. If you are thinking about window and door replacement for your home, read on to get the real story. When speaking to our customers about […]

  • Save on Energy Bills This Winter

    Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

    As the temperatures drop and energy prices rise, how to save on your energy bills at home will be something you are thinking about. While you can’t do anything about those costs going up, you can take other steps. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is a great way to save money on energy bills. Here […]

  • How to fix double glazed window problems

    How to Fix Double Glazed Window Problems

    The windows are an essential part of your home to keep everyone warm and secure. New double glazing is excellent for increasing the thermal efficiency of any space, but older windows or damaged units can have a negative impact. Our guide has what you need if you are wondering how to fix double-glazed window issues. […]

  • Window installation

    How Long Does a Window Installation Take?

    If you are considering replacement windows for your home, you may have many questions. One of the most common inquiries we get here at Leicester Window Supplies is how long does a window installation take? We have put together this guide to give you all the necessary information. We will cover everything from how to […]

  • Choosing the best composite doors

    Choosing the Best Composite Doors

    When it comes to first impressions, the front door of your home is a crucial element. Your house’s curb appeal can increase dramatically if you buy a composite door. The door styles and choices now on offer allow your new front door to be as individual as you. Here we explore the best composite front […]

  • Window Maintenance Tips

    Window maintenance is essential to ensure your windows look great and last longer. You can make your windows look great throughout the year by putting in a little time and carrying out uPVC window maintenance. Our guide gives you some simple steps you can take and some advice on proper window care. uPVC Window Maintenance […]

  • Secondary glazing

    What is Secondary Glazing?

    Secondary glazing is becoming a popular choice among homeowners thanks to its cost-effectiveness. Whether or not you are familiar with it, you may be thinking, what is secondary glazing? Our guide gives you all the information you need and why you may want to consider this option for your next home improvement project. This affordable […]

  • difference between sash and casement windows

    Difference Between Sash and Casement Windows

    Choosing new windows for your house can feel like there is an overwhelming number of options. When looking for replacement windows, you will likely encounter various terms to describe the available types. Here, we explore the difference between sash and casement windows. We will explore the types available and which types of homes they suit […]

  • Choosing a composite front door

    Why Should I Choose a Composite Front Door?

    When it comes to choosing a new front door, there are a few things you need to consider. Modern composite doors are a superb choice if you are looking for new doors for your home. In our guide on choosing a composite front door, you will find all the information you need to pick the […]

  • wooden Effect windows from Leicester Windows Supplies

    Choosing windows – profile styles

    Finding the best option when choosing windows for your home can feel like searching through endless possibilities. Whether you are adding an extension or looking for quality replacement windows, there are a lot of choices out there. So, how do you know what are the best windows for your home? Here we give you the […]

  • wooden Effect windows from Leicester Windows Supplies

    What are Flush Casement Windows?

    If you are looking for replacement windows and doors, you will have come across many different styles and options. A new and popular choice for window installations is flush casement windows. You may be unsure which windows to choose and want to know more about this modern window design. Our guide on What are Flush […]

  • living room

    How to choose the best interior doors for your home

    Choosing the best interior doors for a home is an essential part of your home’s function and a style statement. We know that most homeowners find it very difficult and overwhelming to decide on the right interior door style. This is precisely why we’ve put together this article, which contains all the factors that come […]

  • living room

    How to choose the perfect windows for each room in your house

    The purpose of each room in your lovely home is entirely different, and your windows should be the same! In case you don’t know where to start in choosing windows for your home, learn everything you need to know from our article. When it comes to finding the perfect windows, it can feel overwhelming. However, […]

  • roof lanterns

    What are the pros and cons of roof lanterns?

    If you are looking for an excellent alternative to a traditional conservatory or simply to boost the amount of natural light in your house, a roof lantern has become a trendy improvement in the last few years. Stylish and unique, a roof lantern may not be on your radar, but it should be! Not sure […]