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french doors

French Doors

Our French Doors are designed using the same profiles as the Traditional 2500 and the Heritage 2800. This means that when you buy your French doors together with your windows, you are able to match them up perfectly. They have the same colour choices and finishes as the windows and when coupled together, transform your home and make it look incredible.

By using the same technology advanced techniques and materials as the windows and doors, this guarantees superior performance and achieve an A+ energy rating. Using ‘Weatherseal’ technology, and clever manufacturing techniques, we are able to provide the extremely high weather performance ratings to ensure to get the highest insulation for your property. When French Doors are paired with 28mm double glazing, they reach a level of energy efficiency that is unrivalled by other companies. The French Door increase the energy efficiency of the whole room so you can begin saving money instantly.

French doors, dependant on which style you choose, can suite any home perfectly. By using the same colour ways as the windows and doors you can easily customise them to match your home. With a range of hardware, you can truly make your French doors unique.

Ensuring that windows and doors are secure can be a major deterrent to opportunistic thieves and burglars. With multi-point locking systems as standard on all of our Windows and Doors, you can be guaranteed to feel secure when these are installed in your home. With the added benefits of ‘Secured by Design’ as an optional extra, you really can be assured that your home is as secure as it can be.

10 Year Guarantee

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  • upvc doors

    UPVC Doors

    Traditional or heritage windows, the choice is yours

    Match them with our windows to complete the look. These are a cost-effective door that doesn’t compromise on quality. With a wide variety of styles, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your home.

  • composite doors

    Composite Doors

    A door that makes a statement!

    Adding a composite door to any home will make it stand out from the rest. Composite doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles. They are stronger and more secure whilst ensuring your home stays warm all year round.

  • door furniture

    Door Furniture

    All our doors have a range of customisable hardware and furniture

    This include handles, letterboxes, hinges, knockers, and more. Make your door functional and stylish. Take your door to the next level!.

Choose Your Door

Where to start?

When looking for a new door, the first thing you’ll need to do is take a quick measurement to know its height and width. With every door having certain limitations, this will help to work towards the different options available to you. You will also want to consider whether you want it to match your existing windows or whether you want to make it stand out.

Which door style?

Look at the different door styles available. Each of these door styles come in a whole range of colours. These styles vary from modern and contemporary to art deco as well as traditional so you’ll find something to match your home. When considering the individual style of doors, it is worth remembering that all the hardware is chosen separately. This is added on later. Certain items of hardware such as spyholes and door knobs aren’t available on all style doors.

door styles

Which colour?

Our colour range is available for all our composite door panels. The most popular colours tend be black, red and blue. Most of these doors are available dual coloured with a white interior. The frames can be colour matched separately. This is to allow you to match the outer frame of the door to your windows whilst injecting a different colour into your home.

door and frame options

Which Glass?

There are a lot of options available when it comes to glass, these are for security, privacy, solar control, self-cleaning and to prevent sun bleaching. On top of this there are the design options such as patterned glass, lead work, Georgian bar and different colour options.

Which Furniture?

Handles, hinges, door knockers, spyholes, door knobs, letterboxes and security chains are all different parts of the doors hardware that can be customised. These come in two main colours, gold and chrome. The hardware can completely change the design of the door and can add character or make it minimalistic and contemporary. Another part of the door furniture to consider is the threshold. Most people opt for a low aluminium threshold to limit trip hazards, it is worth noting that this doesn’t have the same weather rating as a standard threshold.

"Can you please pass on my thanks to everyone for the brilliant service. The installation went very smoothly and my builder was very impressed with the whole day. We love the finished product and the integrated blinds especially look fantastic."

Mark Geraghty