Beat the Winter Blues: UPVC Window Insulation

  1. beat winter with upvc window insulation

Beat the Winter Blues: UPVC Window Insulation

In the face of escalating energy costs, the efficiency of our homes has never been more crucial. As winter approaches, maintaining a warm, energy-efficient living space becomes a top priority for homeowners. At Leicester Window Supplies, we understand the vital role that UPVC doors and windows play in this endeavour. Our extensive range of products, including Traditional Windows, Heritage Windows, and Flush Sash Windows, are not just embodiments of aesthetic elegance; they are at the forefront of energy-saving technology. Let’s explore how our UPVC modern windows can transform your home into a sanctuary of warmth and efficiency, effectively helping you beat the winter blues.

Understanding UPVC Window Insulation


UPVC doors and windows have revolutionised home insulation and energy efficiency. Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, or UPVC, is known for its strong thermal resistance, durability, and low maintenance. The A+ energy rating of our UPVC modern windows is a testament to their superior insulation capabilities. This rating indicates the highest level of energy efficiency achievable, directly contributing to reduced heating costs and a smaller carbon footprint for your home.


The secret behind this impressive performance lies in the cutting-edge design and technology embedded in UPVC windows. Our UPVC window insulation incorporates advanced Weatherseal technology, a feature crucial in combating the harshness of winter weather. This technology enhances the sealing and weatherproofing properties of the windows, preventing cold drafts and retaining heat within your home. Using clever manufacturing techniques also allows us to achieve extremely high weather performance ratings, ensuring your property is insulated to the highest standard.


By choosing UPVC windows, homeowners are not just opting for a modern and stylish window solution but investing in a product that offers unparalleled thermal efficiency. This efficiency is further amplified when our UPVC window frames are paired with our specially designed 28mm double glazing. This combination creates a barrier against heat loss, keeping your home warm and cosy throughout winter.


In the next sections, we’ll delve into the specific features of our Traditional 2500, Heritage 2800, and Flush Sash casement windows, highlighting how each of these products can contribute to a warmer, more energy-efficient home this winter.

Traditional 2500 – Elegance Meets Efficiency


The Traditional 2500 range of UPVC doors and windows stands out when blending cutting-edge technology with a sleek design. Years of research and development have culminated in this series, which boasts significant improvements over its predecessors, especially regarding energy efficiency. With rising energy costs, the Traditional 2500 series represents a timely solution engineered to the highest standards for superior performance.


Each unit in the Traditional 2500 range achieves an A+ energy rating, the hallmark of top-tier energy efficiency. This is possible by combining advanced Weatherseal technology with innovative manufacturing techniques, ensuring that your property has the highest insulation levels. When paired with our 28mm double glazing, these window frames reach an unrivalled level of energy efficiency. The result is a significant retention of heat within the room, offering immediate savings on energy bills upon installation.


Aesthetically, the Traditional 2500 windows are a triumph of design. Characterised by clean, sharp lines and smooth chamfers, they exude a contemporary yet versatile style, suitable for any location. These windows adapt seamlessly to their surroundings, whether installed in modern structures or traditional period properties. Customers can choose from a palette of 9 ‘wood-like’ effect colours, flat white, or textured white. The ‘360 colour’ option also allows for complete colour customisation, ensuring a harmonious match with your chosen décor.


Security is a paramount feature of the Traditional 2500 series. With multi-point locking systems and shoot bolts as standard, these windows and doors offer robust security measures. For those seeking an extra layer of protection, the ‘Secured by Design’ certification is optional, offering peace of mind that your home is as secure as possible.

Heritage 2800 – Perfect for Period Properties


The Heritage 2800 series is specially crafted for properties rich in character and history. These UPVC doors and windows combine modern technology with a design that complements period aesthetics. Their smooth contours and rounded edges provide a subtle charm, making them particularly suitable for older buildings that require sensitive upgrades to enhance thermal efficiency.


Like the Traditional 2500, the Heritage 2800 windows and doors are engineered to achieve an A+ energy rating. This is possible through the same advanced Weatherseal technology, ensuring optimal insulation. When coupled with our 28mm double glazing, the Heritage series increases the energy efficiency of the entire room, leading to immediate cost savings on heating.


Design-wise, the Heritage 2800 windows seamlessly integrate into the aesthetic of period properties. The rounded corners and soft edges help them blend into their environment while maintaining maximum functionality. Customers can choose from various styling options, including 9 ‘wood-like’ effect colours and the versatile ‘360 colours’ for complete customisation. This feature allows the exterior to be coloured while keeping the interior white, ensuring the windows do not clash with your interior design.


Security in the Heritage 2800 series is uncompromised, with multi-point locking systems and shoot bolts standard across the range. The ‘Secured by Design’ certification is an optional addition and an added safety assurance. This certification is not just a label but a promise of robustness designed to deter opportunistic thieves and burglars. The Heritage 2800 range, therefore, not only enhances the visual appeal and energy efficiency of period properties but also fortifies them against security threats.


In essence, the Heritage 2800 series represents a perfect marriage of the old and the new. It pays homage to the aesthetic charm of period architecture while incorporating contemporary technologies for thermal efficiency and security. Whether it’s a Victorian townhouse or a country cottage, these windows and doors offer a solution that respects the property’s original character while significantly upgrading its functionality.

Flush Sash Casement Windows – Traditional Charm, Modern Benefits


The Flush Sash casement windows from Leicester Window Supplies testify to how traditional elegance can meet modern efficiency. Designed to replicate the classic appearance of timber casement windows, these UPVC modern windows are perfect for those looking to maintain or enhance the character of a period property without sacrificing contemporary benefits.


One of the defining features of the Flush Sash casement windows is their ability to close flush into the outer frame, presenting a flat, sleek exterior that mirrors traditional timber windows. This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall thermal efficiency of the window. The equal sightlines, achieved through dummy sashes for non-opening casements, ensure a balanced, harmonious look that elevates the property’s overall appearance.


In terms of thermal performance, these windows are exceptional. Using PVC-U in their construction offers a significant advantage over traditional materials like wood or aluminium. PVC-U is renowned for its superior insulation properties, which help reduce energy and heating costs. This makes the Flush Sash windows a visually appealing option and a financially smart choice for homeowners looking to improve their property’s energy efficiency.


Maintenance is another area where these windows excel. Unlike their wooden counterparts, PVC-U windows require minimal upkeep, saving time and costs associated with regular maintenance. This low-maintenance aspect, combined with their durability, makes Flush Sash windows a practical and long-lasting solution for any home.


The Flush Sash range, therefore, is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the look of traditional timber but desire the benefits of modern window technology. It embodies the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and practicality, making it one of today’s most attractive and affordable window options.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home


Selecting the right UPVC doors and windows for your home is a decision that combines personal style with practicality. Whether you are drawn to the sleek, modern lines of the Traditional 2500 series, the characterful charm of the Heritage 2800 range, or the classic elegance of the Flush Sash casement windows, Leicester Window Supplies offers solutions tailored to your needs.


When considering an upgrade or installation, think about your property’s architectural style, energy efficiency goals, and the level of security you desire. Our team at Leicester Window Supplies is on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your choice not only enhances the beauty of your home but also contributes to its overall energy efficiency and security.

Explore the Possibilities with Leicester Window Supplies


As we navigate the challenges of colder months and rising energy costs, the importance of choosing the right UPC window insulation solutions for our homes cannot be overstated. UPVC doors and windows from Leicester Window Supplies are a testament to the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and security. With our Traditional 2500, Heritage 2800, and Flush Sash casement windows, you cannot only beat the winter blues but also invest in a solution that adds value to your property and comfort to your life.


We invite you to explore the possibilities with Leicester Window Supplies, where every window and door is more than just a fixture; it’s a commitment to quality, aesthetics, and sustainable living. Contact us today on 0116 2665088 to learn how we can help you transform your home into a warm, secure, and energy-efficient haven.


Posted: December 21, 2023