Heritage Internal Doors

Heritage Internal Doors

Leicester Window Supplies offers premium glass, aluminium screens, and doors that perfectly complement your home. With our custom-made internal doors, you can achieve the desired division of spaces while allowing ample natural light to permeate.

Alutür Heritage Doors

Our extensive range of internal door designs includes the following options:

Aluminium Internal Screens

Aluminium Internal Screens

Enhance the luminosity of your space with the addition of aluminium interior screens. With their meticulously crafted finish and sleek aluminium frames, these screens exude a striking beauty that effortlessly complements any room. The versatile design of these glazed interior screens allows for various options, whether you prefer a single slim panel or a larger glazing area to create an expansive and open atmosphere.

A glazed aluminium interior screen is an ideal choice for modern kitchens, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication or opening up dining rooms to create an illusion of spaciousness. These doors are also highly sought after in office spaces and commercial buildings, where their industrial-style screens blend seamlessly into various settings. The possibilities for configurations are endless, allowing for genuinely customisable solutions.

Single Internal Aluminium Doors

Elevate your home with the exquisite craftsmanship of aluminium internal doors, providing a great upgrade to your standard doors. Whether constructing a new extension or seeking to infuse your living room with an industrial chic aesthetic, our glass and aluminium doors blend functionality with sleek, minimalist design.

Our crittall-style doors create a sense of openness and connectivity for commercial premises, fostering a more cohesive environment. The slimline frames and glazed panels allow abundant natural light, transforming workspaces into well-lit areas that enhance productivity and create a more pleasant atmosphere. Trust in our doors to elevate your space’s aesthetics and functionality.

Aluminium single door
Heritage Internal French Doors

Internal French Doors

Discover the perfect addition to elevate your space with our exceptional range of interior French doors. Designed with style in mind, our aluminium French doors embody the latest glazing trend, imbuing your home with a modern and revitalised look. Each internal French door is meticulously crafted and professionally installed, ensuring a seamless and precise fit. With aluminium doors, you can achieve the sophisticated appearance of steel partition systems at a more affordable price.

Customisation is critical to our internal French doors, allowing you to tailor the design and configuration to suit your style. With elegant lines and outstanding acoustic properties, these doors serve as a durable and visually striking room divider. Our versatile doors provide an ideal design solution for commercial installations or residential projects.

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