How to get rid of misting in double glazing

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How to get rid of misting in double glazing

If you have double glazing, you will know how much cosier it makes your home. Condensation on double glazing can be common and usually due to the difference in temperature outside and inside your home. However, if you have noticed that the misting is inside the double glazing, it can indicate a problem. Here, we look at the causes and how to get rid of misting in double glazing.

Why is there misting on my double glazing?

Double glazing windows use air sandwiched between two panes of glass as an effective way to stop heat loss in your home. The dual-layer glass also helps to reduce noise coming from outside the house inside. Condensation on double glazed windows can be due to several reasons.

New double glazing installations will often have condensation on the outside. New windows offer peak performance, and condensation outside is due to the difference in temperature inside your house and the air outside. If you spot condensation on the outside of your windows, don’t worry, it means they are working efficiently. It will disappear on its own, or you can wipe it away if you like.

If you have tried to clean misting from the windows and have found that it is between the glass panes, it needs attention. Misting inside double glazing means that water has made its way between the glass panes and into the air gap.

Water making its way into double glazing units is usually due to a problem with the seals. Damage can occur to window seals for many reasons:

  • Condition and age of the window frame
  • Pressure on the window seal
  • Chemical cleaning solutions have caused the seal to break down over time.

Whatever the reason for the seal damage, the window unit is no longer functioning as it should. It means that the window is less efficient and will be causing heat loss. While it may not be too much of a concern during the summer before winter approaches, it’s essential to fix it.

Can misted double glazing be fixed?

Misting on double glazing does not necessarily mean that the windows need to be replaced. Depending on the problem, the windows may be able to be repaired. If the surrounding frame of the window is in good condition, the glass unit can be replaced. Replacing the double glazing unit will make the windows right again and will fix the issue. If you are replacing the glass, you can take this time to get higher-rated glazing on older windows to make your home more energy-efficient.

A professional window company will be able to visit your home and inspect the window. They can advise if it’s possible to replace the glazed unit. Damaged seals and problems with the frames will need replacement double glazing.

If you notice double glazing misting, Leicester Window Supplies can help. Our professional team can inspect and evaluate your windows to provide the best solution. All of our windows are made to measure so that we can install replacement double glazing for any affected windows. If you need new windows, we can provide high-quality double glazing with fast turnaround times ready for winter. Contact us today to find out more.  

Posted: September 7, 2020