How to decorate the front of your house

How to decorate the front of your house

A person’s home is often a place of great pride. This is especially true if you have undertaken redecorating to fit your own style and make it uniquely yours.

One area you may have forgotten about, however, is the outside of your house. We’ve compiled a list of handy tips to decorate the front of your house and reflect the great style you have inside. 

Clean and tidy

The first step to decorating the front of your house is to know what you are working with. Whip out the old sponge and bucket to wipe down your front door and window sills. Use a microfiber cloth and window spray to remove dirt from the outside windows that you can reach- if there are ones you can’t, then it might be worth investing in a good window cleaner to come to do it professionally. Maybe you have some hedges or bushes that need trimming back to make the shrubbery look neater. Sweep up any leaves or debris on your front steps or garden path. You could even go as far as using a hard-bristled broom and hot water to really bring out the colour of those stone slabs. 

Once you have cleaned up, take a look around at the front of your house and front garden- are you happy with how it looks now or do you want to spruce it up a bit more? If you do, then there are a few ways to do that without breaking the bank.

Window boxes

Nothing brightens up the front of a house like flowers. If you don’t have a front lawn or space for potted plants in the front of your home, then there is a simple way to utilise the space that you do have- window boxes! Not only will the front of your house look colourful and more put together, but it could also help the bee population and attract more beautiful visitors such as butterflies during the summer months.

Check out the BBC Gardening page for more information on how to create a window box for your home

Add lighting

Outside lighting isn’t just for the festive season- the right kind of lighting changes the feel of any area, both inside the house and outside. There are a few ways that you could add lighting to the front of your house to make it not only more appealing, but also more practical once it gets darker. For example, adding warm coloured spotlights around your front door will add a welcoming glow, as well as improving the lighting for any security cameras you may have in place. 

Another way to add lighting would be to incorporate it into the decorations around your front path. Stand alone, external spike lights can be placed along the sides of your path to draw people up to your front door, and make it easier to see where they are going! An added benefit to these lights is that they are often solar powered, so you don’t need to worry about them adding onto your battery or electricity bill. 

Refresh any paintwork

Flaking paintwork can make even the most beautiful doors and windows look a bit more drab. When giving all your windows and frames a wipe down, as suggested above, take a minute to check how the paint is looking. Is it peeling, looking a bit faded or just generally in need of a second coat? Or maybe you just want to switch up the colour to fit your design style! Getting a pot of weatherproof paint can be a quick and easy fix to increase your curb appeal. 

Before starting, make sure the area you are painting is completely clean and free of grit, as you don’t want this mixing in with the paint and potentially changing the colour. Next, make sure you have a small enough brush to fit into the crevices without getting too much paint on the brickwork or any glass around it. If you are thinking of repainting all your windows (including ones on second floors and above) then check that you have a sturdy ladder that reaches comfortably, or even consider hiring a professional. 

Design your own front door

You’ve considered painting your front door, or even changing the style all together, but have you thought about designing your own? Creating your own, bespoke front door will easily make your house stand out on the street. From the colour to the ornaments, it can all be your decision with Smart’s aluminium doors supplied by us. 

An additional benefit to your own designer door, is that they all provide high quality security features and thermal insulation- making them not only a beautiful centerpiece to the front of your house, but it will also keep you and your family secure. 

To get started on decorating the front of your house with a bespoke designer door, download a brochure for more information or contact a member of the team today!

Posted: June 5, 2020