The myth of standard window sizes

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The myth of standard window sizes

Standard windows are nothing but a myth.

Customers search company websites for standard windows. To their dismay, all they can  find is a list of windows that are anything but standard. Why is this?

The truth – standard windows do not exist. Manufacturers often offer homeowners standardized window sizes. However, no house is usually the same, so customers require custom-made windows to be fitted.  

All manufactured UK windows are different, and each meet a customer’s specific need. Leicester Window Supplies has all the resources that a customer requires when they choose their bespoke window. 

Are bespoke windows expensive?

Surprisingly, bespoke windows are very affordable. 

When a customer hears the word ‘bespoke’, they may picture something expensive and look elsewhere for cheaper alternatives. 

Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean costly. Rather, customers can look for windows that meet their needs and is budget-friendly. 

Let’s take a quick look at some benefits of our bespoke windows:

Energy efficiency

Aluminium windows have become energy efficient over recent years and are almost as efficient as PVC ones. 


Due to the nature of the material, less of it is required to perform to higher standards.

Unique aesthetic appearance 

It’s unique aesthetic appearance make it one of the most attractive, affordable windows currently on the market.

‘360’ colour 

Our windows can be manufactured with either the ‘360 colour’, meaning that every part of the window is coloured to match your chosen colour, or with a coloured exterior that will keep the interior white so you can decorate your home without worry of it clashing with your windows.

To find out how you can install bespoke windows into your property, simply call us on 0116 2665088.

Posted: August 14, 2019