5 benefits of having an orangery

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5 benefits of having an orangery

Homeowners nowadays are increasingly interested in finding new solutions to improve their houses, especially in affordable ways. This is why orangeries are becoming so popular, as they can be used as an additional lounge, dining room, playroom, and even as an office (some use them as home cinemas and bedrooms too). 

What is an orangery?

The traditional orangery was used back in the days for growing orange trees, hence the name, but they are now utilised as extended living spaces. They have a brickwork base which helps them naturally blend in with most houses, and rigid columns and pilasters (usually including roof lanterns). 

Some orangery roofing systems have the option of installing spotlights for artificial light for night-time, and you can also plaster them on the insides. 

Should you get an orangery? 

Adding an orangery to your house can come with great benefits. Having one will offer you a more sophisticated lifestyle, and it can become your go-to room in the house whenever you feel like experiencing a unique setting. 

Now, you may be wondering how much is an orangery? Building an orangery is cheaper than building single-storey extensions, and they are the most affordable way to create a multi-functional space in your home. If we haven’t managed to convince you yet, maybe it will help if we tell you the top 5 benefits of an orangery: 

1. Versatility and added space

The best thing about an orangery is that it’s a lot more versatile than both a conservatory or extension. You can find out more by reading our blog on what is the difference between orangery and conservatory

You can open your downstairs living area by adding an orangery, which will transform your entire house by giving you much more usable space. This will give the other rooms a positive effect, as they’ll look and feel much more extensive than they are. 

However, in case you feel like an orangery might not be the best solution for you at this moment, we could give you further useful tips on improving your house. There are numerous ways in which you can maximise space in small houses, and adding an orangery it’s only one of them!

2. More natural light and air 

An orangery adds not only added privacy and insulation, but it also allows more natural light and air into your home. It is a guaranteed way to brighten up your day and mood, especially when having friends and family over!

Also, an orangery is a seamless transition between your house and the garden’s inside living space. No matter your favourite style (modern or traditional), you will always be able to complement your home by an adjacent patio area or stylish outdoor furniture. 

You can have a look at our orangery website page for a better look.

3. Boost your property value in a cost-effective way 

An orangery house extension is a very cost-effective way to add extra living space to your property (average build prices range between 25% to 50% cheaper per sqm). They can also add as much as between 7% to 11% to the average UK houses’ value, making them more attractive to potential buyers. 

Another great benefit? Installing a top-quality orangery means that you can provide an affordable solution to your lack of space with a lot less stress regarding moving homes. 

4. Blend in with existing brickwork 

An orangery is built with a brick wall base, which looks and feels much more integrated than a conservatory (making your house look less dis-jointed). They can have exceptional extensive windows and glass lanterns roofs, which provide excellent natural light and outdoor views. 

You can also choose different roofing options, as the central concept of an orangery design is to have a centrally-located roof lantern, surrounded by a large plastered flat roof. This will provide much more stability and an ideal way to integrate it into your already existing property.

5. Save money on heating bills 

Orangeries are built from brick, and they are designed to absorb and seal in a lot of heat. When combined with energy-efficient glazing (double or triple), you can use the orangery all year round, which will help you reduce heating bills considerably.. 

Also, you have instant access to open its windows and exterior door, which can make your house cooler in no time during hotter months. However, an orangery is an ideal room for all seasons, as in the summer they can soak up all the sunshine, and in the winter they can keep you warm and sheltered from the wind, rain and snow. 

If you want to find out more about how an orangery could improve your overall lifestyle and house, please get in touch with our friendly team or simply call us on 0116 2665088 today!

Posted: January 29, 2021