5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Front Door

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5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Front Door

When it comes to your front door, replacing it at the right time is crucial, and not only from a security standpoint. Your front door is a centrepiece of your home, the first thing your guests get to see about your living space, so having an entry in top-notch condition is very important. 

Let us explore the five main signs that the time to change your front door has come. 

1. Low-Temperature Control 

You will start noticing that your front door is not keeping the draughts out of your home, the reason why you might be wasting a considerable amount of heat. However, with age, doors can start getting damaged, permitting the air to pass under or around the door. In this case, take some time out of your busy day to have a good look at it, and if you notice any spaces between the door and the frame, it’s most likely that you will need a replacement as soon as possible. 

2. Difficulty to use 

Once again, as doors get older, they can become quite challenging to open and close, especially during winter. If you’ve started to notice that since cold weather stroke in, your door has started to stick, it means that it’s leaking air. 

3. Rotting wood

What you must look out for is any trace of softness in your door, which is a clear sign of excessive rotting. Multiple factors could’ve contributed to this along time, such as water damage in the past, or ants being around it. This would’ve damaged the door significantly slowly, without you even noticing it. 

4. Excessive moisture 

Especially if your front door has double-paned glass, this represents a high probability that in time, you will face moisture issues that could affect the door. This is because the seal between the panes breaks down, and if so, you must resolve this issue as soon as possible, especially for wooden doors (both mould and mildew spread quicker than other materials). In this case, you have two options, depending on the severity of the situation: to replace the door, or to save it. 

5. Low security

This is a sign that will indicate that your front door must be replaced immediately. You must ensure that your home, family and belongings are safe at all times, so think about reinforcing and entirely securing your door (and windows) to enjoy more peace of mind in your home. 

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Posted: December 4, 2020