Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

  1. Save on Energy Bills This Winter

Ways to Save on Energy Bills This Winter

As the temperatures drop and energy prices rise, how to save on your energy bills at home will be something you are thinking about. While you can’t do anything about those costs going up, you can take other steps. Improving your home’s energy efficiency is a great way to save money on energy bills. Here we share some steps you can take to help save some money this winter.

Prepare Your Home For Winter

You can do a few things to prepare your home for those cold nights. These steps will help make your home more cosy and stop heat from escaping. Decreasing heat loss means you don’t have to keep running that heat to compensate for the loss.

Boiler service

Your boiler is the heart of your heating system, so ensuring this is working correctly is critical. A professional boiler engineer can perform a service and correct any issues to ensure you aren’t left cold this winter.

Lagging pipes to save money on energy bills

Your water pipes move everything around to your heating system and other water sources. Protecting these with lagging will help reduce heat loss as the hot water moves around. Protecting pipes like this also stops the water pipes from freezing. Preventing freezing also eliminates any potential leaks from burst pipes too.

Check your loft space.

A large part of heat loss from home is from the roof, up to a quarter! A top heating system is excellent but won’t be effective if the roof isn’t adequately insulated. Check your loft space and see what insulation you have up there. If there is less than 270mm thickness in the loft, add more to reach this minimum. Think of it as putting a good quality blanket on your home; the thicker, the better.

Check for drafts

Now that your roof is sorted, pipes lagged, and heating is running correctly, check for drafts around the house. Windows and doors can become loose or damaged over time. If a door or window isn’t closing correctly, it will let heat out and cold air inside. You may be able to fix the issue by tightening screws on locks and handles on sliding doors or repositioning brackets on patio doors for a better fit.

More information is available in our guide on how to fix double-glazed window problems. However, if the units are old or damaged, it may be time for replacement windows. Modern front doors are much more thermally efficient and will help save money on energy bills in the long run. So, if you notice your door has become a problem, it is best to get a new one.

Upgrade your Windows

One of the top things when thinking about how to save on energy bills in your home is the windows and doors. Old houses may have single-glazed windows, so adding secondary glazing will drastically improve their performance. Your double glazing may have been great when it was first installed, but how old is it? New double-glazing windows are much more thermally efficient than older frames and glazing. Having the best energy-efficient windows in your home will save money on energy bills this winter and for years to come.

Contact us for more information on the best energy-efficient doors and windows for your home. Our expert team can visit your location and provide a quotation for window installation or replacement front door options.

Posted: November 24, 2022