What is Secondary Glazing?

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is becoming a popular choice among homeowners thanks to its cost-effectiveness. Whether or not you are familiar with it, you may be thinking, what is secondary glazing? Our guide gives you all the information you need and why you may want to consider this option for your next home improvement project.

This affordable glazing option’s rise in popularity is due to the superb look and affordable price of this type of modern glazing. Read on to find out more about this superb option to upgrade your windows.

What is secondary glazing on windows?

Secondary glazing, as the name suggests, involves installing a second window inside the existing glazing. It is a fully independent piece of glazing that transforms single-glazed windows to double glazing. It’s a great way of updating old windows that have become drafty or for homes that are listed.

Secondary glazing panels are usually a single pane of glass with a frame that sits inside your windows and is sealed around the edges. Various options are available for this type of window installation, all designed to suit different types of window units. You will find a second glazing option that perfectly matches your existing windows. Do you want new windows but don’t fancy the mess of having frames ripped out? Secondary glazing is for you! Less mess and a cosier home – what do you have to lose?

If you choose this type of glazing, it will usually have a handle or lift-out panel. So you can still clean your existing windows and the outside of the new panels. If you are considering this type of renovation to your home, it’s an affordable window upgrade.


When it comes to the benefits of secondary glazing, there are plenty that you will like. The top benefits include:

  • Improves thermal performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces noise
  • Extra security
  • Versatile options

If you add another panel to your existing windows, you can enjoy many benefits. The extra pane will increase your home’s thermal efficiency. Drafty, old windows can let a lot of heat escape your home. Adding a second pane of glass will stop this from happening.

The cost of secondary glazing is lower than replacing windows entirely. If your windows and frames are in good condition but want to improve them, this is a good option. This method will help reduce noise coming in from outside and add another layer of security to your home.

Opting for a secondary glazing installation also means a quick and easy installation. You get a tidier window upgrade if the old windows are not removed. Installers will be in your home for less time and you won’t get damage to interior and exterior walls.

One of the significant benefits of this type of glazing is its versatility. The panels can be produced in various sizes and styles. They are also suitable for different kinds of windows. Secondary glazing on sash windows, adding another panel to double-glazing, and new additional panels for single-glazed windows are all available.

Due to the highly limiting restrictions in graded buildings or listed homes, secondary glazing has become an ideal solution for homeowners. Your windows will stay the same on the outside as per your planning restrictions. However, you get another pane on the inside of your home to make the space much more energy efficient.

Why choose this type of glazing option for your home?

There are many reasons why people choose secondary glazing panels in place of traditional double glazing options. The many benefits listed above are a factor, but other reasons include:

Period or listed homes – many listed homes have very restricted rules when it comes to making changes to the exterior. Adding another pane of glass on the inside of existing windows does not affect these rules. It’s a simple and affordable way of upgrading windows in older homes.

Affordability – This type of glazing is usually a lower cost than replacement windows, so it’s an excellent choice for those on a budget. If you want to improve the thermal efficiency of your home but don’t have the budget for entirely new windows, this is your next option.

Simple installation – as the old windows are left in place, installation is quick and straightforward. The walls surrounding your windows won’t be damaged, as the panes are installed inside the existing area.

At Leicester Window Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions to our clients. That’s why we provide secondary glazing in addition to our standard window and door installations. As secondary glazing experts in the Midlands, we can visit your home and advise you on the best design for your home. Request a free quote for secondary glazing, or contact us today for more information on how we can help.

Posted: June 10, 2022