Window Maintenance Tips

  1. Window Maintenance Tips

Window Maintenance Tips

Window maintenance is essential to ensure your windows look great and last longer. You can make your windows look great throughout the year by putting in a little time and carrying out uPVC window maintenance. Our guide gives you some simple steps you can take and some advice on proper window care.

uPVC Window Maintenance

Modern double glazing is a popular choice for many homes as these low-maintenance windows come in various styles. uPVC Heritage windows give you the look of wooden frames without all the work of maintaining the timber. Double glazing frames, while low maintenance, still requires some care. Here is how you can clean each part of the window:

Clean the glass

Cleaning the window glass will remove any dirt and ensure plenty of light still enters your home. A standard glass cleaner is suitable for regular cleaning, or you can use soapy water if there is particularly stubborn grime on the glass. If you have leaded windows, be careful when washing the glass. Use light pressure when cleaning leaded glass as pressing too hard can loosen the lead.

Window frames

Inspecting and cleaning the frames is an essential part of window maintenance. Clean the window frames with soapy water to remove dirt build-up. Wipe down the frames with a clean, dry cloth after washing them. To remove stains from window frames, you can use a cream cleaner but ensure any products you use state that they are non-abrasive. If you have wood effect frames, you can clean them the same way. Do not sand woodgrain effect uPVC frames as this will damage them.


Clean any dirt and dust from handles using a damp cloth and ensure you dry everything properly afterward. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning solutions on handles or locks on your windows.

Tracks and Drainage Channels

Patio door tracks, window frame interiors, and drainage channels must be debris-free to ensure the panels can open and close properly. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the window openings and door tracks. You can wipe down these areas with a damp cloth if required.

Window Maintenance & Repairs

When cleaning your windows, you can carry out some maintenance tasks to keep everything working correctly; these include:

Wipe lock plates with an oiled cloth
Spray lock mechanism with the appropriate lubricant
Tighten any loose screws on lock face plates or window hinges

Also, check for any signs of damage when carrying out window maintenance. Look at the glass panes, window seals, and locks to ensure everything is still in good condition. Scratches or minimal damage may not be a problem. However, if you find that your windows have cracked glass or damaged seals, you may need to consider replacement windows for your home.

If you follow these simple tips on maintaining the windows in your home, you will keep them looking their best. Homeowners looking to update their windows or doors, or needing advice on window repairs, can contact us. Leicester Window Supplies is an expert in double glazing, secondary glazing, and doors. Our experienced window installers can visit your home and help you find the best window options for your home.

Posted: July 21, 2022