• house conservatory

    5 benefits of having a conservatory

    House conservatory extensions have remained one of the most popular ways to expand a home. There are many good reasons why this has become the top home upgrade. Apart from being an attractive addition to any home, it gives you the extra space you have been thinking about. You may consider installing a conservatory on […]

  • Orangery

    5 benefits of having an orangery

    Homeowners nowadays are increasingly interested in finding new solutions to improve their houses, especially in affordable ways. This is why orangeries are becoming so popular, as they can be used as an additional lounge, dining room, playroom, and even as an office (some use them as home cinemas and bedrooms too).  What is an orangery? […]

  • house front door and window

    How to burglar proof your home

    When it comes to your family’s safety, making sure that you know how to make your home safe from break-ins is very important. We say this because we know that if you are burgled once, you will instantly be at risk of being burgled again. This also applies to your neighbours if they live in […]

  • Front of a house

    Composite Doors vs Aluminium Doors

    The time has come to choose a material for your new door, but what is the best choice for your home? First of all, you should know that there are four options available:  Aluminium  Composite  Timber  uPVC  Back in the days, doors used to be manufactured from wood, oak or pine, however, due to the […]

  • two colourful front doors

    5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Front Door

    When it comes to your front door, replacing it at the right time is crucial, and not only from a security standpoint. Your front door is a centrepiece of your home, the first thing your guests get to see about your living space, so having an entry in top-notch condition is very important.  Let us […]

  • Bright and White living room

    Top 5 Tricks To Maximize Space In Small Houses

    Just because your house is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t live large. It is very simple to maximise the space in your home with only a few tweaks in design, organisation and placing furniture and items in more innovative ways.  Let us tell you our top 5 tricks you can do right now to […]

  • Frozen snowflake

    Get your home ready for winter

    The nights are drawing in, and winter will soon be here. Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the colder months so you can enjoy lots of cosy nights with the family. Preparing your house for winter will ensure you and your family are comfortable, no matter how cold it gets. Here […]

  • GalleryExt 1

    What is the difference between orangery and conservatory?

    One of the most common questions we come across is – what’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory? The terms seem to be interchangeable with people referring to their new extension as either a conservatory or an orangery. Here we explore the difference between orangery and conservatory constructions and which one you should […]

  • condensation windows

    How to get rid of misting in double glazing

    If you have double glazing, you will know how much cosier it makes your home. Condensation on double glazing can be common and usually due to the difference in temperature outside and inside your home. However, if you have noticed that the misting is inside the double glazing, it can indicate a problem. Here, we […]

  • heritage style windows

    5 Benefits of Double Glazing for Your Home

    Double glazing is now in a majority of homes within the UK, but what makes it so popular? If your home is an older building and still has single glazing, you may be wondering why people choose this option. Beyond the well-known fact of being more energy efficient, there are many benefits of double glazing […]

  • key in door

    5 tips for how to keep your home secure

    Our homes are supposed to be where we feel safest, but the fear of intruders can often keep you awake at night. These are some of our tips for how to keep your home secure, so you can sleep easy.  1. Ensure all doors and windows are locked This may seem like an obvious answer, […]

  • How to decorate the front of your house

    A person’s home is often a place of great pride. This is especially true if you have undertaken redecorating to fit your own style and make it uniquely yours. One area you may have forgotten about, however, is the outside of your house. We’ve compiled a list of handy tips to decorate the front of […]

  • light bulb

    How to make your home more energy efficient

    5 tips to create an energy-efficient home Everyone knows that making your home more energy-efficient can save you money in the long run, especially on your gas and electricity bills.  Install good insulation We’ll start with one of the more pricey methods of saving energy in your home, and that’s having good quality insulation installed […]

  • Countryside-bunglaow-with-new-windows

    Signs your windows need replacing

    Modern double glazing or triple glazing windows can make your home more comfortable and save you money on utility bills. You may have purchased a home with old double glazed windows or had windows installed a while ago. New windows are designed to last for up to 20 years. However, there may be some signs […]

  • Sliding Doors From Leicester Windows Supplies

    Why are sliding doors better than traditional doors?

    When it comes to choosing doors for your home there are lots of options. You will find may styles but which one is best? Sliding doors are an incredibly popular choice for a modern look. Here we explore why sliding doors are better than traditional doors. Benefits of sliding doors Sliding doors are an excellent […]

  • aluminium windows at home

    What are the benefits of Aluminium Windows?

    Aluminum windows can be a brilliant addition to any home. They can let in more light, act as a rugged material where strong window frames can keep out breezy weather, and look stylish at the same time!  And just to prove that aluminum windows are popular in the UK, our sister company, Midland Bi-folds, also […]

  • Window Maintenance Tips

    The myth of standard window sizes

    Standard windows are nothing but a myth. Customers search company websites for standard windows. To their dismay, all they can  find is a list of windows that are anything but standard. Why is this? The truth – standard windows do not exist. Manufacturers often offer homeowners standardized window sizes. However, no house is usually the […]